Saturday, September 3, 2016

Sending emails from a different address in Zoho CRM

Q: "I have a quick question. I want one of the other users to be able to send some email templates from our company address (info@...) and not from their user email. Is it possible to do it?"

Yes, it is possible. When you’re logged in to your Zoho CRM,  you can simply do the following:

1. Click the Emails Tab, then click on ‘Settings’ and Settings window will show up. 

2. At the left hand side of the window, choose ‘Send Mail as’ under the Personalize section, then click on the ‘Add from address’ button and the Add from address window will pop up. 

3. From that window, fill out the Display name and Email ID fields.

4. Choose Zoho SMTP then click on Send Verification tab. 

5. Check your email for the verification code.

6. Enter your code at the ‘Confirm Verification’ window then click on the ‘Confirm’ button. 

Here it is in animated GIF form:

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  1. Good work on this Jeremy. It's very detailed and definitely informative.