Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Connecting to Zoho CRM API via Node JS

If you need to make a little web service to add leads to/retrieve data from Zoho CRM, I'd recommend the zoho npm module. Makes it super easy to get something up and running. Here's an example implementation.

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  1. Hi Jeremy, pretty interesting. I'm following your course on Udemy and you should definitely put this link in the course. Just two things: in the you say to call localhost:3000/leadlist but the function, actually, is contactlist, isn't it? Then your comment says it will fetch all the leads (actually contacts) but as far as I know the call to "crm.getRecords" will just get the first 20 records (200 if you use the index form). To get all the records you must reiterate the call. Am I wrong? Thanks.