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Round robin lead assignment for API generated leads in Zoho CRM

Do you add leads to your CRM via the Zoho CRM API? If so, you'll note that lead assignment rules don't work. I have developed a CRM extension called Advanced Round Robin that you can buy on the Zoho Marketplace. If you'd prefer to do it yourself, the below code can allow you to add round robin lead assignment functionality (though it's missing many of the more powerful features of the Advanced Round Robin extension). You'll need to set a few config variables like your authtoken and the user role you want leads to be assigned to. You'll also need to create a reference lead that's assigned to one of the users who should receive leads. The script will use this to figure out who should get the next lead. Thanks to Prakash from Zoho for giving me the base code for this script. Want more options? I have a paid version of this script that you can buy on the Zoho Marketplace.

How to learn to write custom functions in Zoho CRM

Thomas posted a really interesting question on the Zoho CRM forums. He wants to know the best way to learn to write custom functions in Zoho CRM. I recorded a video reply: If you don't feel like watching the video, here's a summary of my tips: 1. Check out the Deluge Script eLearning course  - Deluge is the language you'll use to write custom functions. 2. If you don't have a programming background, start off by learning Javascript at CodeAcademy as JS is pretty similar to Deluge and has a lot more learning resources. 3. Have a read through some of the articles on my blog, e.g.  - how to quickly add call logs  - forecasting subscription revenue in Zoho CRM  - add related notes to a contact 4. Email me with any questions (jeremy.nagel [at] - I'm always happy to help people learn Deluge