Saturday, May 30, 2015

Performing mass updates on thousands of Zoho CRM records using custom functions

Need to mass update thousands of Lead records in Zoho CRM and can't be bothered manually clicking through tens of pages and doing mass update? Here's an example of using a custom function to achieve this. In this case, I needed to merge several notes fields into one text area field as the multiple note fields were becoming unwieldy.


  1. Hey Jeremy

    I use a recursion function for getting a lot of records. I don't have to use an iterator, the function itself will determine if it has to take another round. Maybe it helps you or someone else.

    list space.getRecords(string customViewName, int start)
    blocksize = 200;
    end = (input.start + blocksize - 1);
    allRecords = List();
    foundRecords = zoho.crm.getRecords(input.customViewName, input.start, end);
    if (foundRecords.size() > 0)
    if (foundRecords.size() == blocksize)
    followingRecords =, (end + 1));
    return allRecords;

    Although this example uses a custom view one could also use searchRecords() with a search criteria.
    You call it with completeList =, 1).


  2. Nice one Sascha. Recursion is another interesting way to solve this.