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How to quickly add call logs to Zoho CRM leads using workflows

Want a faster way to add call logs? Check out this video that shows you how to add call logs by ticking a box. (Warning: Enterprise Edition + deluge scripting skills needed).


  1. Hi Jeremy thank you for the script, worked really well for me. I cannot code and simply copy / pasted the script. But when I tried to use the script with a custom button within the leads module (for instance to create a call log "occupied" with the click of a button) it returns an error: "Error at line number : 1
    Mismatch data type for function zoho.crm.getRecordById at argument index 2 expected data type BIGINT found dataType STRING"
    Can you help? Thx Jens

    1. Hi Jens,
      you'll need to change it to
      lead_obj = zoho.crm.getRecordById("Leads", input.lead_id.toLong());

      if using in a custom button as the parameters are all Strings rather than numbers.

    2. Fantastic! Thank you Jeremy :)


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